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As the most popular means of transportation, automobiles have penetrated into every family. Nowadays, when people drive a car, they are exposed to more and more automotive electronics: fuel consumption display, ABS, ASR, EBA, ESP, airbags, air purifiers, temperature and humidity control inside the car, CD/DVD players, GPS navigators, Electric doors and windows, electric rearview mirrors, electric seat memory adjustment, LED lights, adaptive cruise, electronic products currently account for 23% - 30% of the total vehicle cost, and account for 50 in high-end luxury cars. %-60%. The development of the car in the future will be driven by automotive electronics technology, and it may be that people feel like driving a complex electronic device while driving a car.

More and more automotive electronics require cooling fans to improve their comfort, safety, and durability. However, using unmatched fans to assemble in automotive electronics can create undesirable noise and vibration, which in turn affects the automaker’s product warranty maintenance and automotive quality satisfaction.

Xinyujie fans provide cooling solutions for a number of automotive plant production, component manufacturers, and vehicle reform companies. Silent blowers used in car seats, small ultra-thin blowers used in place of conventional headlights (xenon lamps), various types of fans used in various automotive electronics such as navigation, car refrigerators, and car purifiers, Xinyujie always maintains High-quality, high-demand, stand-by consumers from the perspective of providing manufacturers with thermal solutions supporting services.

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