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LED lighting cooling

LED lighting long life, power, environmental protection and other characteristics, loved by consumers, successfully replaced the traditional lighting industry.

However, in the LED lighting high-power products, the self-heating is too large. If the heat is not effectively dissipated, the light failure caused by the temperature rise is too high. Burning the lamp beads directly under severe conditions has always been an inevitable problem.

How to effectively dissipate heat has become a key issue for LED lighting to solve urgently.

Single use of metal cooling fins, it is inevitable that the use of LED products is too large and loses selling points. And fin-type heat dissipation and thermal conductivity performance for some of the pursuit of high-power LED products, can not effectively control the temperature rise within the critical point.

The choice of Xinyujie fan supporting radiator active cooling, so that the LED product itself is lower temperature, it is easier to make high-power products. The hydraulic structure and the ball structure of the fan products have mature supporting schemes to provide choices, so that customers can choose the most suitable cost-effective fan according to the product positioning.

Xinyujie fans passed CE, UL and other certifications to facilitate cooperation with the vast number of LED foreign manufacturers in the world.

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